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October 3, 2009

Mr. MagicA true hip hop fan from day 1.  I would battle my uncle in rapping, thinking I was gonna be the next female rapper.  I have a friend by the name of Cassandra and she was an even bigger hip hop fien. We would dress alike and rap in the school yard like we was ” SALT & PEPPA”.

I would record Mr. Magic every weekend.  Never missing a beat, taping commercials and all so that I don’t miss the beginning of the songs. Especially if he was doing ” A World Premiere”.  I had to  have all the new music so Cassandra and I could  compare notes and lyrics.

Mr. Magic had this arrogant attittude like he was the best DJ that ever hit the airwaves.  And of course he and Red Alert would have this rivalry about being the best. Which was ok because they’ve both proved themselves on the 1 & 2’s

I’m sure it was all healthy competition,  a competition that was needed to keep us young and old listners abreast of what’s going on in our hip hop community.

Mr. Magic was truly a pioneer in the world of hip hop. His talent will truly be missed.